Helping you to buy the property you found. Our office will only receive professional fees in the event of obtaining a reduction with respect to the initial price requested by the seller in its marketing channels.

Darmont’s Fees will be constituted by a percentage (30%) of the discount obtained by the buyer with respect to the initial price requested by the seller.

Example: an agency advertises on its website the sale of a house for a price of 300,000.- Euros. Thanks to our management we finish the operation obtaining a final price of 250,000.- Euros. That is, we have achieved a discount for our customer (buyer) of 50,000.- Euros.In that case our fees would be 15,000.- Euros equivalent to 30% of the discount obtained.In this example the total cost of the transaction for the buyer would be 265,000.- Euros (250,000.- Euros of purchase price + 15,000.- Euros of Professional fees), obtaining therefore a discount of 35,000.- Euros with respect At the initial price set by the seller.

In addition to obtaining this important discount, the buyer would obtain a complete legal advice service in all the actions required by the sale: investigation of the administrative situation of the property, preparation of private contracts, management of public deed of sale, fiscal advice and, if the buyer needs it, management of licences and refurbishments.